Tracing your Dutch ancestors
Your research is carefully and expertly typed into a report that will itself become a family document. I know that some of you “just want the raw facts,” but genealogists are not just interested in knowing who people’s ancestors are, they also want to know what kinds of lives they lived and what they did for a living.

The genealogy software I use is Family tree legends it delivers a Gedcom file which you can import into your own genealogy software with minimal loss of data. That way you will have all my research easy to view on your own computer. 

Depending on when your family immigrated to the United States, I can often trace your ancestry back to what is known in genealogy as a "gateway ancestor". A gateway ancestor is the individual who immigrated to the United States from another country. Sometimes you know this information already but most off the times you don't. People are often surprised by the results that can be obtained with good genealogical research. Through analysis of all different kind of records a paper trail can be established that will lead me step by step back as far as these records will allow me to go.

Genealogical research is a very time consuming endeavor and to get good results patience is required. I usually finish a standard research projects within 6-8 weeks after processing your order.   

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