Tracing your Dutch ancestors

Hollandroots is a genealogical research company based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.


It offers tailored fit genealogical research for the individual needs of anyone with Dutch roots.

Whether you just want information about places or houses, if you want to know or already know that an ancestor was in the military, need a photo of a tombstone, want a copy from a birth, death or married certificate or want a detailed and comprehensive family search, you name it, I can assist you. 

Why would or should you hire a professional genealogist on the other side off the world, well that's the thing. It is in a way very simple, many of the Archives in the Netherlands are decentralized, so research has to be carried out locally. This not only increases the amount of time required to undertake research but also one has to consider the additional costs associated with travel time and expense. One also has to allow for the time taken translating documents from Dutch to English.

Furthermore, important records like family wills, court records, obituaries, death certificates, military records and land deeds are generally not available online and can only be obtained by mailing research requests. And these usually are not send abroad (with some exceptions) these records are critical to any ancestry search and should not be overlooked if high quality and thorough research results are to be achieved during your project. For these and the following other reasons, it's sometimes a great idea to hire a professional genealogist to assist you with your genealogy search.


Other reasons to hire a professional genealogist are:

Do not have time to do research yourself 

Do not have the necessary genealogical research skills

Do not have access to the records in a particular locality

  Do not know what records exist that might offer a solution to your research problem

Cannot read the Dutch language in which the records are recorded

Have a reached a dead-end or brick wall


Need specific on-site research 

 Desire consultation on how to solve a research problem or extend a line

 Want on-site photographs, videos and/or oral interviews with distant family members

Wish to locate living family members


 Are not familiar with records pertaining to a particular ethnic group



So please spend a few minutes to browse my site to give you a taste of the
services that I can offer you,


Thank you.

Patries Boon, genealogist/librarian
Member off the APG, CBG, NGV


Chamber of Commerce registration number 51892030 (KvK nummer 51892030)





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