Tracing your Dutch ancestors

Research is by the hour, $40 per hour or 40 euro per hour plus travelling expenses and regular research costs, such as microfilm orders, copies, postage, etc. all of the latter at my cost.  I do require a minimum of 5 hours of research time, and generally work in 5 hour increments. (Depends on your research question) I will be fair in my estimates. And don't forget NO CURE NO PAY! This means that if I cannot find anything about your family you won't have to pay.

The First deposit you can easily pay with Paypal. You will receive an invoice, which you can pay. After the research is done you will receive a Second invoice with the total cost minus the First invoice. Every step along the way of my research that involves costs I will let you know so you won't have any "surprises" in the end. 

During the research process I will keep you informed and depending on your research question I will send in the end my findings in a report. This can go by email or mail. The information can also be burned on a cd. And please note that if I find new information on a later date then I will inform you with this information at no extra costs. 




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