Tracing your Dutch ancestors



Hello and welcome, my name is Patries Boon and I'm the founder and owner
of the genealogical research company Hollandroots. 

Personally I believe that genealogy is finding out who you really are.Your past makes your present and future.


This is why I have traced my own paternal line back to abt. 1640 and my maternal line back to abt. 1663. True the last 7 years I have gained a lot of knowledge about family research. I have an extended network with wonderful people who help me in every way possible and in return I have been able to help them. I also have a bachelor’s degree in library and information science. Furthermore I'm native in Dutch and near native in English.

As many of you may or may not know the Dutch were avid travelers, even in the early 1800's. When there was a possibility to find a new life or change the life they had, the Dutch went for it.

And like my ancestors I did this too. In 2005, I joined my husband as he went abroad to work on assignment for his company. Together, we enjoyed four years in the United States. 
During that time, I helped Dutch people find their American ancestors. 

As a bachelor in library and information science you have to have a lot of different competencies. So that is way I'm good ad:

  • communication, this the key to a good search, this means analyzing the right question (what do you want to know, what do you want to find out)

  • working with complex software regarding to genealogy, archives, etc

  • advising clients in every possible way

  • collecting data to the extend

  • being curious in a healthy manner about other people’s lives


    making the found data informative and understandable for my clients





Because I take my business seriously I'm a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) in the United States. An association like that doesn't existed in the Netherlands however we do have the Central Bureau for Genealogy - CBG this is the Dutch information and documentation centre for genealogy, family history and related sciences. I'm a member of this organization. And I'm a member of the NGV, Netherlands Genealogical Society, this is the biggest Genealogical society in the Netherlands. Further I'm also a member of smaller genealogy forums, societies, etc.

I strive to work according the Code of Ethics by the Association of Professional Genealogist (APG).







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